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❤❤❤ Hello my name is Cassandra. I‘m a 20 year old College Student. Running, Weight training, and hiking are a few of my favorite things<3 This is my blog dedicated to fitness, health, well being, and self love to inspire me and hopefully inspire others too. This is going to be a long journey but hopefully a rewarding one I’m on my way to a healthier me:) ❤❤❤

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How to run a race that you’re completely unprepared for:


1. Look cute (neon colors are best)
2. Eat like 2 bunches of bananas before (trust me)
3. Run like the beautiful gazelle that you are
4. Yell “YIPPEE KI YAY MOTHERFUCKERS” as you cross the finish line

This works guys I am professional runner

The best running advice ever 😆👍

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Ahhhhhhh so excited!

I made it to the popular page on the pump up app!

My reaction:

Such an amazing app. If you like instagram and fitness this app is the best of both worlds. You should all download it! My username is also losingitwithcassandra


Anonymous: Hi :) You probably get this all the time, but I wanted to tell you I think you look so much like Shay Mitchell :) You're really pretty and inspiring. Keep up the good work ;) xx 

Omg this is definitely a first. I love her! :D Thank you so much anon i appreciate your kind words ^__^  <3

That moment when you found the one...😆

Made my first vine everyone. Check it out. :)